The futures are made. But how, where and by whom?

PRIMER is the conference dedicated to exploring this question and bringing together the leading minds in futures design thinking and doing, in Helsinki, September 10.–11th 2018.

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Our conference brings together the leading minds on the field
 for an inspiring and provocative mix of points of view about our futures — and how are they being made.

Monika Bielskyte
Monika Bielskyte All Future Everything 
Global nomad @monikabielskyte

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Conference will be held at the old tram hall-turned
 co-working and event space, Korjaamo Vaunusali at the heart of old Helsinki.

You can find a wide variety of lunch restaurants at the event space and in a short walking distance from the conference venue.

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The conference is organized in partnership with IxDA Helsinki, and the core team behind 1600 strong, sold out and acclaimed IxDA’s Interaction 16 at Finlandia Hall in early 2016.

Tickets on sale now! Buy tickets